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  1. Sounds like Justin is working on a cloud storage system...Any ideas? I can't wait for this, because when Justin launches it, my school will probably begin to use it so us students don't have to bring in USBs, then again, they have Ranger Outpost, but it doesn't work very well.
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  2. Thats awesome!
  3. Maybe EMC Members will get a discount :p :cool:
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  4. Seems legit. I hope its affordable :)
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  6. Wait
    so literly his last name is Guy?
    Sorry if this might offend you but it's kinda funny. I'm not saying you have a "bad name" but its kinda funny like when you name a cat "kat" or "cat" or when you name a dog "dog" or when you name a lizard "pig"...
    Eh that doesn't make a lot of sense. Oh well thx for the info... It will definitely help Operation Ruin Castor...
  7. lol but on his thing it says hes married to "Adrianna Kalland" so i think his last name is kalland but just has it as guy.
  8. Oh Yeah His last name isn't Guy because if you look at the bottom of the page its Kalland Labs which Justin uses to protect him from lawsuits if there was one. Yeah now I remember. You know i forgot it because right now theres a high chance of me losing my liver and then my granfather just died and then Well I'll stop now. Wouldn't want to bore you.
  9. Ya :p. LLC's will protect you from those nasty law suits... And that sucks :( why might you lose your liver? another thing from the accident that gave you amnesia? and that's sad that your grandfather died :(. My aunt just died from colon failure. Well, i hope you don't lose your liver...
  10. His last name is not Guy xD... It is an eventual change from "ThatJustinGuy". Its just coincidental that someone named Justin Guy also happens to develop in the technology world.
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  11. His last name Is guy, check jeremys FB updates!
  12. You almost got me there, until I saw the SeprCloud logo on the Kalland Labs website >.< But I'm sure I remember hearing his name was Justin Kalland somewhere...
    I was literally [...] <= that close to believing him...
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  13. I can promise you, his name is not Guy xD.. He has a facebook that is Justin Guy.. but that is not his name.
  14. yeah I noticed that but I didn't feel it was important enough to share. just click the lakkand labs logo down there and then click the seprcloud logo!