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  1. Hello there,

    I'm Ruben from the Netherlands (Holland).
    I'm 22 years OLD.

    My nickname is sensign.

    I'm a social guy, so hop into my area (1994) and have a talk with me, when I'm home.

    Next week I'm going to escape from reality (again).
    Not by playing Minecraft, but by traveling in Asia for about 36 weeks days.
    I am doing this since I don't know exactly what I want to do next in my life, so there I go again on an adventurous trip through Asia.

    I hope I can keep my stuff on the server, as I'll be AFK for 36 days (till december 13th).

    OH, I forgot to mention. I love music: most alternative-, electronic-, experimental stuff. Also industrial hardcore, minimal, techno, hardstyle, post-rock, and some more...

    Hope to see you ingame!

    Ruben - sensign
  2. Oh wow, first you said 36 weeks and then 36 days. I'm assuming the latter is correct, because otherwise that would have been crazy. Awesome, but crazy.

    Hope you enjoy the Empire and I hope you have a great time in Asia. I want to explore more of it sometime, not just Singapore.
  3. Oh yes, 36 days, ofcourse :)

    Thanks mate, and see you online!
  4. As long as you send a message on the forums to JustinGuy he make sure its not removed. :p

    Welcome to Empire!