(SENIOR ADMINS OR ADMINS NEEDED!)My account is glitched or hacked?

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Is my account glitched or hacked?

Hacked 1 vote(s) 4.8%
Glitched 2 vote(s) 9.5%
Too Hard To Answer 18 vote(s) 85.7%
  1. I would like to know if one of the senior admins or super admins can transfer rupees through accounts. Creeper3845 (my alt) has very little rupees. Creeper3846 currently has 127,335r which I cannot get to, I am wondering if they can transfer it from creeper3846 to creeper3845.My account, as I am signed in on, idk if it is hacked or glitched. So one day I try to log in as creeper3846. It says login failed. I try 2 more times. Then I reset my internet, 2 more times and still login failed. Restart computer, try 3 more times, same thing. Then I try to get into MCchat as creeper3846. It says "Could Not Gonnect To Minecraft.net". I try on MC.Net, and the website is down. I try lastly again on the shortcut. It says "Login Failed". Please vote if you actually know if my account is hacked or glitched, if you don't know vote "Too Hard To Answer" Thanks! Btw, this account has been downed and will not log in for merely 47 days
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  2. If minecraft.net is down that's the problem.
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  3. EMC Staff can't handle problems outside of EMC sorry, only mojang can do that.
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  4. 1. Did you tell you password to someone in Empire? IF you did Ask a Senoir Staff to Check your Chat history to bust the guy who hacked your account
    2. Did you tell someone IRL? If you did try to find out who or try to remember who you told ur password to, if its only 1 person, your lucky
    3. Someone in some other server that you dont know? I have no Idea how to solve that
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  5. Seeing other post looks like minecraft servers have been down a lot today. You'll get days like this, don't immediately think your account is hacked
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  6. His account is not hacked and if it was you can easily get it back.
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  7. No I didn't I keep all passwords to myself. I have not asked any senior staffs yet because none are online. Btw I forgot to mention, my account has been down for 47 days now.No person in some other server I don't know has not been on my account
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  8. There have recently been a few other threads about situations like this, so it is most likely just the Mojang servers being spotty. As you can see here: http://xpaw.ru/mcstatus/, the login servers are jumping between "Quite Slow" and "Online", which is most likely what is causing those errors. This does happen from time to time, so don't automatically think your account has been hacked. :)
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  9. Well. My account has been downed for 47 days, I will put that in the post
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  10. Easy steps to get your account back by TheMinner!
    First: try to go to minecraft.net and log into your account. If that works, change the password, if not do step 2
    Second: go to.... Mojang.com and migrate your account to your email.

    How to migrate a minecraft account:
    First make a Mojang account.
    Then click minecraft on their site.
    Click: migrate account
    Enter your minecraft username and password.

    Done! Now enter minecraft on your computer with your email not your actual username

    If you do not know your minecraft accounts password, go to minecraft.com and request your password be sent to your email
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  11. If that's the case, then I suppose it wouldn't hurt to try submitting a help request at Mojang, assuming you're sure there is no possible way anybody but you has your password.
    EDIT: Ninja'd. Before doing this, you might also want to try TheMinner's instructions above.
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  12. Your account has been downed for 47 days and you're only just seeking help now?
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  13. Good Point By didn't you call for help Earlier?
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  14. I just logged in. Previously it would not let me sign in for soem odd reason
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  15. Not hacked, Jûśt ur Internet being funny. If its your account try going to like the library and log in on their computers. If it still doesn't work then it's your account.
  16. creeper3845 (my alt) works fine on my computer
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  17. Then it's ur account...
  18. Have you tried what I said yet?
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  19. I'm not sure how to fix your account, but as for the rupee issue:
    PM shaunwhite1982 and BigDavie. Explain to them that you can't access your other account, and would just like the rupees from that account transferred to your current account. Senior staff+ can alter rupees between accounts.
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  20. Thanks man