Send me your music! :D

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  1. Hello! Just making a thread so you can send in your favourite music and share it with EMC.
    I broke up from school today and already it's quite boring because I can't sleep :p So I need some music to listen to XD

    Just to demonstrate, i'll give you 3 songs i've been listening to, right here:

    Coldplay - Charlie Brown

    Breaking Benjamin - Until The End

    Avril Lavigne - What the hell (contains slight nudity at the beginning, but she still has her underwear :p She also gives the finger half way through)
  2. My FAVORITE bands of all time.. (and Artist)
    Asking Alexandria <3
    Ellie Goulding <3
    Sleeping With Sirens <3
    The Maine <3
    Mayday Parade <3
    and my Favorite.. (; <3
    Hope you enjoyy (;
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  3. JELLYFISH!!!!!!!!!!
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  4. Recently I have LOVED this song by Volbeat. They're a Danish heavy metal band formed in Copenhagen.
    Volbeat: Still Counting:
    Love Foo Fighters.
    Foo Fighters- Walk
    Shinedown, Her Name is Alice:
    Shinedown, Bully:
    Shinedown, Diamond Eyes:
    Seether, Remedy:
    Seether, Country Song:
    Puddle of Mudd, Blurry:
    Puddle of Mudd, Psycho:
    Another I like, if you like screamy type stuff is Blood by In This Moment. I'd link the video but I'm not sure it's "Safe For Work" lol
    But I like just about anything, that's only the tip of the iceberg.
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  6. Everybody seems to have sent me some pretty good music so far... Who can send me more? :D
  7. Have a few more :D

    Black Stone Cherry, Big Train:
    Soundgarden, Live to Rise (Yes from The Avengers):
    Soundgarden, Black Rain (If you like Dethklok, they're animated into Dethklock, who is also in the video)
    Black Stone Cherry, Like I Roll:
    Zeromancer, Clone Your Lover:
    Orgy, Fiction(Dreams in Digital):
    Ok Go, Here it Goes Again:
    Ok Go. Get Over It:
    Ok Go, Don't Ask me:
    Red Hot Chili Peppers, Can't Stop:
    Red Hot Chili Peppers, Dani California: