Send me pics of your best creation.

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  1. Everyone send me pictures/videos of your best creations. Please use F1 to remove the HUD Make sure they are from good vantage points. If I like what I see they will be featured in my next video.
  2. Here is my almost finished shop on smp4 (not the best picture): 2012-04-25_00.15.59.png
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  3. This is my residence on SMP6


    This is another castle I built on single player.


    I like building castles.
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  4. I still need more pictures!
  5. My current creation, still a long ways from being finished. All on my res in SMP9.

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  6. Is it OCD texture pack?
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  7. yes im pretty sure
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  8. Iwill post some tomorrow!
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  9. Did the pic needs to be from emc or from ssp to?
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  10. Can be from anything
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  11. I originaly made this thing back in October 2011, I've done this on a SMP server (without mods) so every block is mined, smelted and placed by hand, (with the help of Eclipsys).
    Blimp 2.png

    Blimp 1.png
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  12. Wow...
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  13. A lot of dirt towers where used =P.
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  14. Do you see the skeleton under the thing!?
  15. And the inside (with mobs turned off):
    Blimp 3.png
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  16. The hindenberg remake XD It was supposed to be a LOT bigger with rooms inside the balloon...

    but oh well XD
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  17. My new shop on smp2.
    (Not yet Open)

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