[ Selling Zombie Grinder ]

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  1. Approved My Miss. Jane

    This grinder is about 1 to 2 thousand blocks from spawn, its on Smp2.
    This is a fully furbished zombie grinder i have had for a long time. Ive never used it as much as i would like to in the past. But i don't need it now, i would rather let go to someone who would use it. I don't want it to go to waste. [ NOTE ] There is stuff in the chests, you can do what you want with the stuff. Most of the stuff should be in good use to you.

    Due to EMC rules, i cannot auction this off.

    It includes the following

    Its a nice and small farm, with a nether portal

    A nice storage area, with ender chest and bed.

    You just need the table and a few cases.

    Im looking for around 6000 if possible, but if you would like to negotiate a price, pm me on the website or if you see me in game.
  2. How many spawners?
  3. 6k. Ill take it for 6k if you want
  4. Sorry i havnt been watching this thread. Its sold to MrWhosMagic for 6k. Once payment is received, ill take you there.
  5. Im on line now, if you want to take me