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  1. hi, we NEED to add the sell signs in the empire shop because when i grew a tree and tried to sell the wood. it said you cannot sell in this shop, so can you add signs where you right click to sell in the empire shop?
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    You cant sell to the empire shop,Only buy...

    See you online
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  3. There is many people who have shops who are willing to buy wood. If you have a lot of wood maybe make your own shop and sell the wood? People are always after wood and its a great way to make money!

  4. but the broblem with this would be people trying to make loads of money off of it, or people just not setting up shop. that is one thing that i believe will never be implemented. Justin and the team made it so that we can run our own, much cheaper, shops. if we could sell to the store, nobody would have a good shop anymore. they would buy cheap and selll slightly higher. dirt = free (in most cases). "buy" all the dirt in a store for free. sell to empire for 1 rupee. times 1 by however many dirt you had. if you had an inventory full, then that is way over 2,000 rupees. it would ruin the eeconomy. new people, who already have enough problems getting started, would have to deal with the price of 500 rups for a diamond. 100 for some wood. then there would be people who give up. they lose their money, and leave for good. nobody wants to join because of the horrible economy. people quit. population goes down, people see the end. more people leave. then its just the few devoted people left. suddenly people cancel supporter subscriptions. the empire loses real money. they cant maintain servers. they shut down a few to keep up. people get angry that their homes where lost. suddenly more people leave. only 10 people remain. even moderators start giving up. SMP1 closes. the end of the empire.

    do you really want the empire store to buy stuff from you?
  5. I felt sad reading your post
    I felt sad reading that selling to empire store how about NOPA!
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  6. imBobertRobert is correct, the reason we don't allow selling to the Empire shop is it would hurt (possibly destroy) the economy. It would allow players to sell a product without a balancing demand, servers I have seen this on the economy is pointless. It would also hurt the awesome, thriving, free market we have where players can sell to each other. This creates a balanced supply and demand in the Empire and so far it has worked great :)

    Of course I understand many other aspects make our economy different from a real world economy. Just saying why we chose not to have this and that it is working for us :)
  8. Err, why in the world would there be a need to sell to the Empire? They have infinite resources, which make yours virtually worthless. And keep your wood somewhere in your residence; that'll become extremely handy if you wish to explore the Wilderness.

    BTW, I'm not trying to rip on you, just saying that selling to Empire = worthless.
  9. I ENVY YOU!!!!!!!!!
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  10. My shop is a huge example of player ran shops that offer good prices for selling.

    Example, i sell a stack of any logs at 64r. But i will buy a stack from anyone at 57r. May seem high, but a chest of logs only last me a few hours.