[SELLING] x2 blaze SPAWNER (Utopia)

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    I have a nice fine x2 blaze spawner here. They are about 5-6k out. I think they are about 15 blocks apart so its good!

    Im not sure as what these are worth, but I hear they are quiet rare. So just post offers or whatever I dont know lol.- By searching double blaze throughout the search bar I came up with a price of 60k This IS negotiable.

    This location is Utopian so supporters only!

  2. Bump for the love of blaze.
  3. I added a price that is negotiable, thanks for interest.
  4. mmm... i can give you all of my rupees every day for a month?
  5. personally I would like a 1 time upfront payment....
  6. thats cool with me, but hey, you would get like 100k : )
  7. Bumps again!

    This is also near alot of quartz so you can not only kill blazes but mine quartz too!
  8. I would like to say a few words before bed....


    Thanks for your time :p
  9. Lol, go do your math again..:rolleyes:
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  10. I shall bump again. :)

    Remember: Blazes give you x2 the xp normal hostile mobs do. And blaze rods are an amazing source of fuel!
  11. minecraft_blaze_by_corefire1528-d58z9ao.jpg

    :) Blazes are fun!
  12. Lets be sure that this is a bump....

    Yup it is! :D
  13. Still selling :D