[SELLING] Wood or cobble in bulk (CHEAP)

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  1. I am selling wood in bulk..
    Im going to a vactaion.
    Here are the prices..
    Per stack of wood 70r
    Avilable wood types : Birch, Oak , Jungle , if you need spruce.. this will be added soon.
    If you buy 10 stacks.. its 65per stack and if you buy 20 stacks its 60 maximum is a single chest.
    Per stack of cobblestone 20r
    If you buy a single chest its 15r per stack.
    Minimum order : One stack
    Free Delivery ( Set a chest with a access sign so i can open it )
    Order will be prepeared within maximum a week.
    Remeber , im not a machine so i can handle only 2 orders at a time.
    Thanks for buying!
  2. I would like to buy a SC of all kind of logs please :)
    Let me know if thats possible to do for you.
  3. Sure, let me know you'r server name and place a chest with a ACCESS sign for me in you'r chest.
    I cant provide spruce.
    I will give you 9 stacks of birch 9 of jungle and 9 of oak.
    That will be 1485 rupees.
    It may be ready today.. but its not sure.
  4. I actually meant a SC of Oak, a SC of pine, a SC of Jungle and a SC of birch.

    But im willing to buy it from you anyway. I made payment for the 9st birch/ 9st jungle / 9st oak.
    Deliverychest is on smp4, #9001. Thanks in advance.
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  5. I will provide 9 stacks each ( expect spruce) soon.
    And btw.. how do you want to pay me?
  6. Could I buy 1 DC of oak, 1 DC of Birch, and 1 DC of Jungle?
  7. I can provide 9 stacks of oak , 9 stacks of birch , and 9 of spruce.
    You can order 9 more next week .
    But.. as i wrote , service will not be avilable this week and half of the next week.
    You can reply later and i will provide it.
  8. Ok, so I saw this forum and I would like to purchase :

    I would like to buy 10 SCs of Cobble
    Thats 405 x 10 = 4,050
    thx :D