[Selling] Wood in bulk

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  1. My partner and I will be considering large orders of oak or jungle. Contact myself or ninjaboy5656 before we begin to auction said wood to get a chance at buying it before the public does.
  2. Cool, you could become a supplicer at my shop. I'm paying 100r for a stack of any Wood kind
  3. We more than likely will not be considering selling for resale if you are on smp2 as that would be in direct competition with our own mall. However if you are not then I can discuss your offer with my partner.
  4. I can top his offer, and the sales would occur on SMP1, away from your mall.

    Right now oak logs are paying 105r/stack.
  5. How many would you be prepared to buy?
  6. I'll pay 6480 for a double chest, that's 120r each stack
  7. Faith's mall is on SMP1 at residence 1111, You have little to no competition there ;)
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  8. Faith if you plan on ordering more than one double chest at one time perhaps we could lower the price per stack?
  9. I will order as mutch as you can get me really..
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  10. Give us a reasonable number that we can work with, we'll take it from there. :)
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  11. It is for supplying 1111 they are buying tons, so you need to sell me like a double chest of each daily..
  12. if you are offering i need wood so i will pay a good price, please sir, can i have some
  13. Marsh check out our shop at 4347 on smp2.
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  14. thx dude sure will