[SELLING] Wood/Cobble/Stone

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  1. Do you need any of the above? Wood! Cobble! Stone! They are all things that people need in Building, Crafting and Stock for shops. I dont have a shop, (for to me, they are too hard to stock :p) but I will sell each of these in bulk if needed. PM Me if you want an order.
    Wood (Oak,Birch,Pine LOGS):
    1 stack: 80r
    9 stacks: 700r
    1 single Chest: 2000r
    1 Double Chest: 3750r
    1 stack: 15r
    9 stacks: 120r
    1 single chest: 325r
    1 double chest: 600r
    Smooth Stone:
    1 stack: 55r
    9 stacks: 450r
    1 single chest: 1200r
    1 double chest: 2300r

    All chests are going to be on res: 1576-smp1!
    If you order more than 9 stacks of wood, do not expect it to come the next day. All other orders will be ready within 24 hours.
  2. Could you please go to 12006 on smp6 and stock my stone, cobble and wood? I pay similar/same prices for them. :)