[SELLING] Wood, Cobble, Stone & Stone bricks

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  1. If you want wood,cobble,stone or stone bricks at a reasonable price order it from my shop now!
    PRICES (All prices are per 64 stack!)
    Oak plank- 15r per 64
    Oak log- 60r per 64
    Wood is almost always in-stock and can be ready within minutes of ordering
    Cobble- 20r per 64
    Stone- 40r per 64
    Stone bricks- 45r per 64
    Cobble, Stone & stone brick are not always in stock and may take a couple of hours/days (depending on demand) to process your order
    Prices may be subject to change
    If you would like to order any of these products please fill in the order form:
    Amount: (maximum one chest full at one time for stone double for wood)

    You will then receive a reply from me on when your order can be picked up from my shop (8189) and the price of the order.
    I also have some other products in my shop such as wool and ores which you can find at 8189 on smp4

    NOTE- Orders received in the next couple of days may be postponed until the update is out!
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  2. Item: Stone
    Amount: 1 Chest

    Item: oak log
    Amount: 1 chest

    Sorry for the bump
  3. How did you even find this thread?
  4. i can get this to you by Friday (maybe thursday) if you still want it. oh and the price for stone has changed from 35r to 40r per stack because of price changes however oak log is still the same price. :)
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  5. Cobblestone and Oak Logs

    Both Double chests.
  6. I can do you your oak logs double chest fine however i only do single chests for cobblestone sorry. i can get it done by friday?:)
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  7. I only buy Double chests, and yes, It's okay for the wood.
  8. So you just want a double chest of oak logs then?
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  9. I don't buy single chests, just double chests. You said you don't sell cobble in double chests.

    ~Yes. Only the oak logs.
  10. done, whats the final price?
  11. I am not accepting anymore orders now. Im affaid Bertone and gap i can not get your stuff anymore due to minecraft and time issues sorry!
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  12. :( i made the order though? I really need the wood!