[SELLING] Wither Skulls & SC of Glowstone

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  1. I'm selling wither skulls for 3k each, message me on the forums reply below or whatever if you want to buy one :)

    Current stock - 2

    ALSO I'm selling a SC of glowstone, I don't really have a price on it so you can just offer? PM or comment blah blah :p
  2. I wonder where you got these from..
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  3. Mr. Piggeh I believe he runs a black market head trade..
  4. And now I pop in here...
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  5. What? Please stay on topic, or at least semi-on topic :p
  6. BUMP and now I'm selling a SC of glowstone!
  7. Bumpshious
  8. How much for the glowstone? And how many wither heads u got?
  9. It says it in the OP, I have 2 heads to sell right now :)

    I am just taking offers on the glowstone, offer via PM?
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  10. I need glowstone how much??
  11. Start a conversation with me and we can discuss the price :)