[Selling] Wither Skulls (cheapest)

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  1. I am selling wither skulls for 7.2k
    Not much of a price difference but it's still cheaper :)
    Please contact me in any way (smp7, 14192) or post on thread if interested
  2. o_0

    hold some for smp2, they go for like 9k there, and youll be able to make lots o' rups
  3. Okay, you need three wither skulls to kill a wither, then get a nether star.

    So basically multiply the price of one skull, by three.

    Beacons are going from 20k-30k nowadays.

    7.2 * 3 = 21.6

    Result is if you buy three skulls with this price, it would be 21.6k for a beacon.

    This is a good deal.

    ( Even though I like my skulls purti cheap! =) )
  4. Thanks guys :) and thanks for the advice :_)