[SELLING] Wither skulls and Enchanted/Limited Pickaxes (Ore Buster)

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  1. Hi,

    im selling wither skulls and enchanted/limited pickaxes. On smp1 at res# 1257

    Wither skulls - 3000r

    Enchanted Pickaxe - 5000r now 3500r

    Efficiency V/ Fortune III / Unbreaking III

    Enchanted Pickaxe - 6000r now 4500r

    Efficiency V/ Silk Touch I / Unbreaking III

    Limited Pickaxe ORE BUSTER - 10000r
    Efficiency VI / Fortune V / Unbreaking III
  2. I'll buy 1 wither skull-just can't go online right now.
  3. Ill buy ore buster can u hold for me
  4. Ill buy wither skulls also