[SELLING] Wither Skull

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  1. Only selling 1, I need atleast 10k

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  2. If you have no other offers, I will pay 8,000r.
  3. I might buy it. Ive been aiming to get one for a long time.
  4. D'; i really need 10k
  5. Feel free mate :p i can get more x3, if i do get more ill collect them then probs auction em'

    smp5 - 10758

    Res number^^^^
  6. ... you wanna buy?
  7. Fine, bushy you can have it for 8k
  8. You know there only worth 1k?
  9. No, They're not
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  10. I saw someone selling them for 1k…
  11. Where?
  12. On my res. Ill be on soon. playing poker xD
  13. They are worth how much the owner is willing to sell it for.
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  14. I bought some recently for 6k. Thats cheap. Considering a beacon costs 45k...
  15. Your right. Don't know who it was.