[SELLING] Wither Skeleton Skulls for 4k

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  1. Hey guys! At 1777 on smp1, I am selling Wither Skeleton Skulls for only 4k a piece! Only 11 in stock so buy quickly.
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  2. lol, they're out already.
  3. Lol yes within seconds of me posting this thread erosego bought them all.
  4. :( i wanted 2 of them.
  5. I bought all the things! :)
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  6. I will restock soon!
  7. Thanks for that lol
  8. Please let me know when you have more. Thanks
  9. All right. itll be some time soon
  10. Restocked! Have 11 in stock now. still at res 1777
  11. I can see them running to your shop now.... looks like this in my head.

    I think in dog
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  12. Yes, thats always a good thing to see that :)
  13. Erosego is the one demolishing the little one........
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  14. Yes, it honestly was within seconds that she bought all the skulls. Sadly, she hasn't been on for about 2 days.
  15. In the minecraft world that most likely means she's dead.........lol jk, she's probably just busy. We hope
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  16. Lets hope. Life would be quite difficult without erosego here to sell enchantments. So to get back on topic, all 11 still in stock!
  17. Still 11 in stock!