[ SELLING ] Whats in these two chests

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  1. 2014-01-11_11.25.14.png

    Bam! Make offers!- My inventory is NOT for sale.
  2. I'm interested in the mossy cobble, don't know good offers for it though.
  3. 200 for the lot. :)
  4. I hope you two are kidding.
    I can sell all the mossy for 2r per block aka 231r I am up for bargaining
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  5. 2r per block for all of it sounds sweet, I'll get the 231r to you right now.
  6. I can make a chest shop instead on res 6077 woah I did the math wrong and for that I will give it to you for 1.5r instead of two because I am 231 is how many blocks therre are... So the price is now 346
  7. Shop chest is made at spawn
  8. it was a staring offer