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  1. So... this will be my sell thread from now on and I'll just throw stuff in here that I don't find useful then you offer it in the comments below.

    1. Transactions will be first paid, first serve.
    2. All items will be picked up on SMP9, 18388.
    3. All items are for sale on the price next to it, no less. (If you wish to offer more be my guest, but the first rule still applies.)
    4. Any rupees sent after someone else on an item will be refunded in full.

    Ores and Gems
    1328 Quartz Ore (21 Stacks + 38) [25r] Each
    784 Iron Ore (12 Stacks + 16) [5r] Each
    575 Coal Blocks (8 Stacks + 63) [20r] Each
    1075 Redstone Ore (16 Stacks + 51) [20r] Each

    Horse Gear
    108 Saddles (2 DCs) [250r] Each
    15 Iron Horse Armor [1,000r] Each
    22 Gold Horse Armor [2,500r] Each
    6 Diamond Horse Armor [5,000r] Each

    Tools and Weapons (Diamond)
    54 Diamond Shovels (1 DC) [72r] Each
    54 Diamond Axes (1 DC) [216r] Each

    Creeper Head (1) [250r]
    Spider Heads (3) [100r] Each
    Zombie Heads (15) [100r] Each
    Skeleton Heads (17) [100r] Each
    Pig Zombie Heads (6) [100r] Each
    Slime Heads (2) [100r] Each
    Blaze Heads (5) [100r] Each
  2. I'll buy the DC of diamond shovels. 3888r has been sent.
  3. Thread Closed!!!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.