[SELLING] Weird and non-weird enchanted books

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  1. I don't want them or know what to do with them, soI am selling enchanted books with the following enchants

    Bane of Arthropods IV

    Protection III
    Flame I
    Sharpness III

    Smite IV

    Protection III
    Power III

    Knockback II

    *More coming soon*

    Feel free to make an offer more than I have listed.
    If you want to buy, please leave a reply for which book you want and how much you will pay, and please pay.
    All pickups will be at 14751 on smp7. Mail delivery will cost an extra 50r, if desired.
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  2. Is it possible to split enchants on a enchanted book? If so I might get the protection III flame I and sharpness III
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  3. No.
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  4. Bump, changed prices.
    Will be adding more shortly.