[Selling] Way too many promo bows

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  1. I have had a ton of bows that were recently promos.

    I am selling a ton of these, for what I believe to be relatively cheap prices.

    Cupid's bow - 12 in stock - 12k each
    Lucky bow - 3 in stock - 18k each

    I am open to feedback, just don't be rude. ;)
    Also, please post in this thread if you would like to order, ALL conversations will be ignored.
  2. Only 10 Cupid bows and 2 lucky bows left!

    Kinda off topic, but I also have 7 dragon stone fragments to sell for 3k each.
  3. If you still have any lucky bows for 18k, I'd like to buy one.
    Edit: I bought something else and can no longer afford it. Sorry :/
  4. I'll buy the last 2 lucky bows
  5. I'll take four cupid bows
  6. When payment is received, I will set an access chest up at 3110.
  7. Could you mail the to me? I'll pay an extra 100r
  8. Sure