[Selling]- Vouchers and Promos

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  1. I have a few promos I would like to get sold and vouchers. All are open to serous offers. PM if interested in an item.

    What I have:
    Turkey Slicer 2014 x1 SOLD
    Empire firework 2014 x1
    Eggcellent Wand x2
    Stable Voucher x1
    Vault Voucher x1
    DragonStone x 1
    Labor Day Bench 2014 x1
    Birthday Cake 2014 x1
    Taste of Freedom x59
    Items will be mailed.
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  2. just curious, which Turkey Slicer is it?
  3. 2014, Sorry about not mentioning it
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  4. How much is a diamond voucher
  5. looking at somewhere around 330k
  6. Only looking for r or could it be a trade?
  7. I would prefer r
  8. bump, updated
  9. Bump and updated again
  10. Updates again
  11. Another update
  12. How much are you wanting for the vault voucher? And how much is a normal one?
  13. I feel 10.5k is fair
  14. How much for the Turkey Slicer?
  15. 39k is about where I would let it go for and updates stock again
  16. I will have the Turkey Slicer
  17. Updates again, BUMP
  18. how much the bday cake?
  19. Ill do it for 15k