[SELLING] Vote Bonus Tools

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  1. All of these are my vote bonus items. Please PM or comment with any offers. Thanks!

  2. Bump!
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  3. Forgot about this thread, but still selling all!
  4. ill give you 50k for the shears
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  5. No one cares you were first
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  6. How rude let me show this to staff.
  7. First it just something players do to show they were first on the thread it has no purpose what so ever and some players find it obnoxious where others find it fun. It's not something to argue about.
  8. Oh its just I find it very rude to say something like that.
  9. Don't spam the forums by posting "first" and don't be rude to other players. Problem solved. :)
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  10. Shhh just buy my things. Bump!
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