[Selling] Villager Head

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  1. Hello!

    I'm selling villager heads for just 5k each!

    Please comment below how many you would like to purchase and I'll prepare a chest asap!


  2. Can I please purchase 1?
  3. I will buy one :)
  4. Chests will be setup at 8556 smp4 once payment is received :)
  6. I think a PM would have been more appropriate...
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  7. paid :)
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  8. great! Chest will be setup within a few minutes! :)
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  9. Guys, joshyrocks13 and I are a sharing business :p Try out the other on where you pay 2k and 2 stacks of villager eggs! We split our earnings :) We have just made up :D
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  10. Hey, your name is too long to put on the access chest so you might have to come and hand collect it, sorry! :)
  11. It works for them if it is too long, just to let you know
  12. Ummm lol mine fits, trust me
  13. do I just write as much as I can fit?
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  14. Yep :p
  15. Bump still got some left!
  16. 15 left and price is reduced to 4k per head!
  17. We can now trade for a DC of something :D