{Selling} Villager Eggs

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  1. I am selling villager eggs for 100r at 16022 on smp8!

    There is only 20 eggs in the chest right now but I will be getting a ton more soon so make sure to check back!

    If you would like a bulk order of eggs please PM me with how many you would like.
  2. Hey bob, why selling them for so much?
    you can breed them in town.
    It was re enabled
  3. not for long. it wasnt meant to be. the farms cause too much lag, thats why they where removed in the first place.
    EDIT: the reason why i think is because craftbukkit++ isnt out yet, and that is what EMC uses. right now EMC is on normal craftbukkit.
  4. Actually, Maxarias said that they re-enabled it because the breeding is much slower and it has limits now. So expect it to last until someone makes a ton of houses on their lot. Breed now while you can! Lol that sounds so weird...:p
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  5. i'll buy them if they are 30r each that's the max.. i'm not gunna pay that much for something I can find easily in the wilderness lol..
  6. too much
  7. Breed now while you can, men!
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  8. They cost 100 there....
  9. yepp 200 then the rest are free cause you just have to breed them.
  10. Ok guys I just put in 2 stacks of villager eggs and lowered the price to 100r!