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  1. I will make a villa for you for 8k (only making one) See picture below
  2. Interior:
  3. First ever BUMP
  4. Bump, Price reduced to 8k
  5. Man, I want a villa so bad. However, I'm low on space. =P Can you make one that is 10 by 10? I'll pay the same price listed above.
  6. Also, are you supplying the materials needed to build the villa?
  7. I am supplying them and i will try a 10x10
  8. I will half the cost
  9. I like the design but it wouldn't really match with my western theme on my res.
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  10. Yea
  11. Kk. What about you PM me the 10 x 10 when you're done? Can't wait to see the final product.
  12. I'm not even sure what's the theme of my res lol. =P