[Selling] Vault Vouchers!

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  1. Use /v 18200 today and come along to buy some cheap, cheerful Vault Vouchers!

    EDIT: 15,999r each for Vouchers, buy on the Gift Shop floor!

    So come on down and get some Vaults today, use them or sell them, the choice is yours!

    *If you are stuck on where to go, just go straight through to the Gift Shop teleport*

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  2. Why does it say you can use these to exceed your supporter level max?
    There's a max of how much pages a supporter can have?
  3. This page tells you how many Vault Pages each rank can get.
  4. Five currently in stock, remember, if you buy two or more, you get 1,000r off of each extra on top of the first! PM for discount!
  5. Vault Vouchers have been moved to 18200 Gift Shop, again, 5 in stock, but they are now all discounted prices!
  6. Hey commander custard...
    Might buy some stuff from you
    So now I know you like custard fdny21.... Or do you
  7. Custard is good :) Feel free to buy as many as you like, 5 in stock right now
  8. I just had an idea... Sell custard!! >: D
  9. 4 in stock (bought one)
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  10. Bump, 4 in stock for 14,999r! :)
  11. bring it on to me Mr FDNEHHH :D
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  12. If only my MC would let me log in -,-
  13. That would help :p
  14. Can you go any cheaper for the guy that gave you advice for YouTube :p
  15. Already a discounted price in my opinion, and I have had takers so I know they will soon go out :) What kind of price were you thinking?
  16. Well a lower one than the price they currently are xD
  17. Even the original price was cheaper than malls :p I have lowered it since, but I am looking to get rid of them.

    Therefore, I propose a new offer. 52,000r for all four vouchers, that is only 13,000r per, very cheap in my opinion.
  18. Hmm I might buy.
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  19. mail it to me, payment sent
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  20. Mail sent :)
    Offer is now at 39,999r for 3 Vault Vouchers, or 14,999r individually :)