[SELLING] Various Valuable Promo's

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  1. Come to smp5, res#10666 to buy the following items, cheap!

    - Orebuster - 100k
    - Netherhound Egg - 30k - Sold

    - Birthday Cake 2014 (x2) - 20k
    - Freedom Blade chest (unopened) - 50k - Sold
    - Iron supporter Voucher - 120k
    - Turkey slicer (x2) -30k - Sold

    Stop by and take a look! :)

    Most of profits go to future building projects!
    If i sell this stuff, i will reach my goal of 1 million rupees!
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  2. still have the boots, axestopper, and ore buster available! also i have a iron referral block I'm looking to sell!
  3. The price to the iron referral block of clickyness has been lowered to 145k!! - Sold

    60k members boots and axestopper also now 60k each :)
  4. Bump! Items added.
  5. Bump! Netherhound egg is sold!! still items listed for sale below regular market price!
  6. I'll take both Slicers, payment sent, please mail them to me. :)
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  7. Hi- is it 20k for all of the birthday cakes or 20k each?
  8. 20k each
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