[selling] Various Random Promos @ /v 10017

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  1. Selling Netherhound eggs, Icecreamcow flesh & skin at 10017 on smp5!

    Netherhound eggs - 50k

    Icecreamcow Flesh - 3k

    Icecreamcow Skin - 3k
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  2. Can I buy a netherhound egg?
  3. nevermind didint read I could buy them at your shop
  4. I'll take flesh & skin. Can you mail?

    Got 'em, thanks :)
  5. Bump, thanks to everyone who has bought something so far!
  6. Bump close to my EMC rupee goal, a little more needed. :)
  7. Only need a few more rupees to reach my goal :)
  8. Thanks for the items :)
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