[Selling] Various Promos and other Rare Items

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  1. After a long break from all my videogames due to college, I am back. At least, I hope haha. Anyways, I realized that I still had a ton of promos to get rid of and now is the time to get rid of them all. I will offer middle-ground prices for each of my promos, but I encourage people to bargain/offer for the promos I list.

    To purchase one of the items, either post below or send me a PM here on the website. I will mail you the item(s) you purchased once payment has been sent and confirmed. Thanks.

    5x Vault Voucher - 12k
    3x Stable Voucher - 10k
    4x Cupid Bow - 15k
    1x Cupid Bow - 15k (Has Infinity on it)
    4x Stack of Cupid Arrow - 5k
    1x Trick-or-Treat Bundle - 65k
    1x Iron Supporter Voucher - 100k
    1x Gold Supporter Voucher - 200k
    2x Diamond Supporter Voucher - 400k
    3x Pot of Gold (Stackable/Unused) - 25k
    5x #Empire Firework# (New Years 2015) - 10k
    5x Dasher (unused) - 70k
    4x Remembrance Poppy (Veterans Day 2015) - 10k
    3x Mineral Mincer - 65k
    1x Shear Madness - 30k
    3x Chicken Skewer - 30k
    1x Sharpshooter - 30k
    1x Scooooba Mask - 30k
    1x Potato Plate - 30k
    1x Bionic Pants - 30k
    1x Bubble Boots - 30k
    1x Marlix Bow - 60k
    3x Marlix Boots - 30k
    1x Marlix Leggings - 30k
    3x Marlix Chestplate - 30k
    1x Dragon Poop - 50k
    3x Maxarian Head - 45k
    6x Labor Bench 2016 - 10k
    1x Labor Bench 2015 - 20k
    2x Meteor Bow - 15k
    1x Empire Firework 2015 (July 4th) - 15k
    2x Empire Firework 2016 (July 4th) - 10k
    1x Independence Day Firework 2015 - 15k
    3x Independence Day Firework 2016 - 10k
    1x ICC Flesh - 6k
    1x ICC Skin - 6k
    5x Birthday Cake 2016 - 15k
    1x Starter Gear (Helm, Chestplate, Leggings, Boots, Sword, Pickaxe) UNBREAKING 3 - Make Offer
    1x Starter Gear (Helm, Chestplate, Leggings, Boots, Sword, Pickaxe) UNBREAKING 1 - Make Offer
    Some misc. pieces of Starter Gear Unbreaking 1 (1 chest, 2 legs, 2 boots) - Make offer

    Disclaimer: The prices I listed are what I gathered from the forums and browsing other's shops. If I find that one of the prices here does not match its true market value (higher or lower), then I reserve the right to change the prices here accordingly.

    EDIT: Prices listed are for one of each of the items listed. I will update the OP as things are sold. Thanks.

    EDIT2: If there isnt a line through the promo, it is available. I update the post as soon as I mail out the promos. I also dont allow reservations of promos. If its available, and you send the money for it, I will mail the promo. Simple as that. :)
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  2. OP updated. Promos with line through them have been bought. :)
  3. Ill take the 4 poppy (poppies? Poppae?) Ill send moneh when confirmed not sold yet.
  4. They have not yet been sold. It would be 40k for all 4. :)
  5. Paid thanks!
  6. Payment received. I have mailed the items to you. :)

    EDIT: OP updated as well.
  7. Bump. Still plenty of promos to go around. :)
  8. Bump again. Still tons of promos left.
  9. Humpty Bumpty.
  10. I it 25k for 6 pots of gold?
  11. I would like the shear madness Please and danke!
  12. Payment received, promo mailed, OP updated, thanks for the purchase. :)