[Selling] Various Promos : 6588 Promo Shop

Discussion in 'Selling' started by KingJarre, Aug 6, 2016.

  1. Current things in stock at the Promo Shop:

    Labor Bench 2015 (x2) - 15k each
    Avalauncher (x3) - 22k each
    Feast for a king (x10) - 7.5k each
    Marlix Bow - 25k
    Taste the Freedom Steak (x3) - 750r each
    Icecream Cow Flesh - 3.5k
    Icecream Cow Skin (x10) - 3.5k each
    Cupid Bow (x4) - 15k each
    Headless Horseman Axes (x5)- 28k each
    Empire B-day Cakes 2015 (x5) - 20k each
    Chicken Skewers (x3) - 25k each
    Unused Cupid Egg - 40k
    Momentus' Toothpick (x2) - 22k each
    Marlix Helmet - 20k
    Marlix Chestplate - 23k
    Marlix Leggings - 20k
    Marlix Boots (x3) - 18k each
    Cooked Turkey (x751) - 400r each (You can pm me to buy it in bulk)

    All of these can be found in the promo shop at 6588 on smp3, or you can comment below to have certain promos reserved. Thank you for your time.