[Selling] Various Items

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  1. I have a few things I'm looking to sell as I A. Don't use them B. Think they could go on to someone else who could use them/display them/collect them.

    -Sold Icc Voucher-

    Cracked Stone Brick.
    I have had these since the Wastelands was released. Went out on SMP5 and gathered a bunch of it, moss stone and stuff. Sadly most of it all has vanished, I can't even find a shop that buys these.

    -Removed Quartz-

    I don't even know the price of any of this stuff, but If interested let me know. :)
  2. You can sell the quartz at 9000, and I might buy your voucher. How much do you want for the voucher?
  3. Will stop by 9000 when I'm able to get on next. Voucher I am not sure because I don't know how much they are worth.
  4. I don't know either, it's value strongly depends if you can still redeem/use it, or if it is just a collectorsitem.
    However, I'm willing to gamble a bit, so I'll buy your voucher for 3k if you want
  5. please read your PM pandas, messaged you about some other items thanks
  6. If i remember correctly, the voucher is worth allot more than 3k

  7. That's the issue. Pretty much Cow set up a bunch of cakes in his res and chests with these "Vouchers" in them. Whoever found the most got something. He said for everyone to hold onto theirs and he'd come up with an idea for them. Nothing was ever done and I've held onto this one since that event last June. I don't know if they can be redeemed for anything. That's why I put that it would be perfect for anyone with a museum or collection.
  8. The cake parkor voucher is purely a collectors item now I think it is worth about 6k, they are fairly common.
  9. well i would be interested panda seeing as that is all i do with items is collect? been looking for items all over and now you are offering one :)
  10. I don't know how many there are in existence. Just FDNY's 4, the one you have in your museum and this one. I consider Fairly Common to be "Everyone has them"

    I'll check your PM as soon as I can :)