[Selling] Various Items! (Stone Brick, Horse Eggs, Villager Eggs, and More!)

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  1. Hey everyone, I've recently had some good luck with getting supplies, and I've made a small shop for various items!

    Currently I sell:
    Stone Brick: 16 for 25r
    Villager Eggs: 30r
    Horse Eggs: 75r (These are random! I cannot guarantee you'll get a good one on the first try. Don't worry, they're cheap and you shouldn't have to buy a lot to get one that's good.)
    Saddles: 50r (OUT OF STOCK)
    Grass Blocks: 16 for 75r
    Zombie Heads and Skeleton Skulls: 100r
    Various Potions: 25r (Instant Health 2, Regen (2:00), Speed 2, and Strength 2 are all I have at the moment, I'll be making more once I get more potion supplies!)

    If any of this interests you, come on down to /v 10864 on SMP5!
  2. Halved the price of my stone brick and added some skeleton skulls to the chest of zombie heads.

    If there's anything else you'd like, let me know.