[SELLING] Various good items

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  1. Alright so i have been going through my items and decided to sell some of them seeing as im not using them and i need to make room.

    X1 Orebuster (would like 100k, but can work out a price) already bought
    X1 DC of glowstone (would like 35k per SC but can work out a price) now 60k for the DC

    Still putting items together but will soon be adding 2 DCs of quartz ore to the list along with some other promos including a holiday pick

    Currently buying easter promos for 5k, or pm me with a trade offer. have already done a trade with a fellow player for their easter promo a DC of a specific item

    Just post here if you want to buy or if you have questions on prices of other items that i could possibly sell that your interested in. PM me if you have any question relating to a different deal on the items im currently selling
  2. alright so the price for the DC of glowstone has went down quite a bit. let me know if you are interested just post here! you can buy in an sc if you would like as well