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    Hey Empire! Recently I've been enchanting a lot of books - which you can now buy here! Prices and books below. To order, PM me or post below. I do deliver for 100r each order. Pickup is at 14984, SMP 7.

    Efficiency IV - 0 in stock - 1,150r each
    Feather Falling IV - 0 in stock - 800r each
    Flame I - 0 in stock - 450r each
    Power III - 1 in stock - 600r each
    Power IV - 1 in stock - 1,000r each
    Projectile Protection IV - 1 in stock - 950r each
    Protection III - 9 in stock - 850r each
    Protection IV - 0 in stock - 1,600r each
    Punch I - 1 in stock - 350r each
    Respiration III - 1 in stock - 1,200r each
    Sharpness III - 2 in stock - 580r each
    Silk Touch I - 1 in stock - 800r each
    Smite IV - 4 in stock - 500r each
    Unbreaking III - 2 in stock - 1,950r each

    At the moment, I'm not taking any orders for books that are not on the list above.

    I will try and update with books regularly.
  2. My order:

    1 Unbreaking III - 1,850r
    1 Efficiency IV - 1,150r
    1 Protection IV - 1,600r

    Total: 4,600r :)
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  3. Order accepted. Once payment is received, I will setup a chest at 14984, SMP 7.
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  4. Updated prices.
  5. 1 feather falling 4 please!
  6. Your chest is ready at 14984, SMP 7. Please pay the 800r ASAP!
  7. In the wild on SMP7... I'll pay another 50r for delivery to SMP9? 18228?
  8. I do delivery for 100r extra, if you're willing to pay.
  9. Order paid and picked up. Thanks.
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  10. No problem! I enjoyed doing business with you!
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  11. Updated prices... Again.
  12. If none of these book sell within 24 hours from this post, I will close the thread and auction them.
  13. 1 Flame please. 450r correct? Can you deliver to SMP 18228 again? I'll set up a chest
  14. Book delivered as payment has already been sent. Thanks.
  15. No Problem!
  16. Update: Since these books aren't selling as fast as I thought they would, I am going to auction them. You can find a link in my signature.
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