[SELLING] Valens, Saltar and Incitatus (Used)

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  1. I have all three of the promo horses listed above. PM me with offers.


    Incitatus: Speed 130
    Jump 64.6
    Health 20

    Saltar: Speed: 114.45
    Jump 100
    Health 16

    Valens: Speed 86.55
    Jump 68.13
    Health 34
  2. How much will you sell Saltar and Valens for? Been looking for these two for a loooong time.
  3. This thread was created Dec 28, 2013, almost a year later...
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  4. ah sorry didn't look at the date... if there was one of those warning messages saying that the post was old, I would not of posted, but I didn't look at the date :/
  5. My question would be what enticed you to go back that far in the forums :p