Selling used items via shop signs.

Discussion in 'Empire Help & Support' started by BigDavie, Mar 19, 2012.

  1. I've got an enchanted axe with silk touch which I used a few times. I have little use for this but someone might. I used /iteminfo and got the code 279:55 -ab which I put in a shop sign. The generate shop sign lists it as a Diamond axe -ab just as if it was an unused silk touch diamond axe.

    Either, the shop sign only works for unused goods or this could be abused to sell used items as new.
    Unfortunately I am unable to test if my shop sign works.

    Will my shop sign work or have I to try and sell face to face?
  2. It wont sell a used item as new, I know that. It is supposed to keep the :55 (damage) on the sign and then when the person tries to buy it tells them it is used and how much % is left. I will have to test to be sure though.
  3. could this be a case of the description not fitting on the sign like with 3 or more enchantments?
  4. I have it set up on my utopia lot 5081 if anyone wants to try and buy @2500

    That might be the case.
  5. i just tried to visit your lot but i'm stuck in the ground
  6. Try visiting again, that sometimes happens to me.
  7. Sign never worked, said Out of Stock.
    At least it can't be used to scam folk.