[ SELLING ] Unwanted Promos

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  1. Items:

    4 meteor bows
    1 meteor bow ( used )
    Magical Eggcelent Wand
    Holiday candle
    IDF Firework 2k15
    Empire Firework 2k15
    Cupid Bow
    2k15 BDay Cake

    Comment your offers.
  2. how much for the (Used) Meteor bow?
    ( I haven't the faintest idea in prices)
  3. ;)
  4. I edited it right when you replied
  5. How used?

  6. 10k?
  7. used though? I was told that they were going for 6K unused.
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  8. Could We Trade???
  9. I can do that for the bow
  10. What for trade?
  11. A Lucky Bow (Unused) Two Cupids (Unused) Ham Hacker (Unused) ....
  12. Many More Too
  13. if you could do the used ore buster I would do it for 6K
  14. Its worth a lot more than that ;)
  15. ohhhhh sorry I saw your post and I though that the ore buster was 10K not the bow, sorry
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  16. well I probably can't afford it anyways but what are ore busters worth when that damaged?
  17. I'll trade you promos for the ore buster. We could throw in rupees also ;)
  18. Just been sold to Ben for a trade.
  19. I'l think about it.