[SElLING] Unused starter stuff and moar!

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  1. Here's the list:

    Starter Sword: 3K
    Starter Shovel: 3K
    Starter Axe: 3K
    Starter Pickaxe: 3K
    Starter Helmet: 3K
    Starter Chestplate: 3K
    Starter Leggings: 3K
    Starter Boots: 3K
    Getting Started Book and Quill: 500r
    Independence Day Firework 2014: 25K
    Feast for a King: 20K

    The starter stuff is the new version

    Any price adjusts please post it here and I will get to it quickly :)
  2. I think in total it's worth maybe 5-10k per set (like all armour or all tools) unless they have gone up recently.

    IMO this doesn't really have much resale value as I think you can get one fairly easily. Can you not get a new one of these once every 48 hours or something? At most maybe 250-500r? (Really depends on person I guess).

    Just my opinion, not meant to interfere in your selling :)
  3. Yeah you're right :I

    Changed prices :p
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