[ SELLING ] Unneeded But Valuable Items

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  1. What I'm selling:

    16 Stacks of gold blocks ( 72r per block )
    11 Stacks of Iron Blocks ( 27r per block )
    17 Stacks of Glowstone ( 18r per glowstone )
    3 DC's of Pine Planks ( 1,350r per DC )
    1 SC's of Glass Blocks ( 5,500r per DC )

    *Prices may be adjusted if I have no buyers*
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  2. Ill buy 3 stacks of iron blocks for 5184r
  3. I'll meet you on smp7, 14444 in about 3 minutes
  4. Can you reserve a single chest of glass blocks for me? I'll be back home and have computer access in 5 days.
  5. Sure, just don't let me forget :p
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  6. 2014-03-29_15.11.08.png

    I have set chests up so you can buy whenever you'd like! Smp7 14444!
  7. lol, I was standing on your res already.. xD ..but I bought some of your gold for my horse farm.. :)
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  8. Can I buy a stack of gold blocks, please?
  9. I will be arriving when I have the guts to rain rupee heaven down for gold and iron.
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  10. Everything is set up on smp7, 14444
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  11. Got it, thanks :)
  12. I like Iron and Glowstone.