[SELLING] Unload of everything I own that is sellable

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  1. Hello all. :3

    I have for you today... Lots of stuff. Pm me with what you want. Also, all of the enchantments are on diamond tools.


    -music discs: blocks x2, strad, chirp, 11
    -5 cow eggs renamed IcecreamCow
    -5 gold horse armor
    -2 diamond horse armour
    -1 iron horse armor
    -17 stacks + 43 pieces hardened clay
    -2 stacks eyes of ender
    -haunted head x2
    -64 gold ingots
    -1 DC of iron
    -64 slimeball
    -2 turkey slicers
    -1 enchanted gold apple

    Dat be all. :D
    Remember… PM ME! Don't overcrowd this thread.

    image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg
  2. To make this clear, I am not leaving. :p
    Yes epicminerman, I ruined your hope.
  3. Could you make that blue a bit less eye straining?:p
  4. Ahhhh my eyes hurt...lol
    How much for the promos?
  5. I pmed you please reply
  6. It is also nice to TELL ME how much of the item you want. ;)
  7. Updated list. Sold things removed.
  8. Bump. Added in another DC of irons.
  9. Ill buy the iron DC and turkey slicers for 25k

  10. You posted 2 Turkey Slicers twice :D
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  11. Why did that register as a spoiler? :confused:
  12. I would like 30k for the bunch? If that is ok.
  13. How about 35k for the iron, the slicers, and a haunte head :)