[Selling] Unique skins!Want to brand new skin? That is completely unique?

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  1. I create skins that are completely unique! If someone puts in an order it will cost them 1k... All you have to do is pay and put in a request ("I want a robot skin!" "A lumberjack!" etc.) If you do not like the skin then simply don't pay :p

    Here's a skin I've made recently: pigoveralls2.png Here's another that I made for xI_LIKE_A_PIGx
  2. I would like one, I want it to have about the same face as mine but the body to be a suit. Thanks!
  3. Hey, I'd love one of these! Can I please just have a man in a suit? :p
  4. Dude, can you make a Creeper King style skin with a bit of Derpy Hooves (mlp) in it? plzplzplz
  5. I'll try!
  6. I'll try it out!
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  7. So a creeper king? like a creeper with a crown and robes?
  8. How about this? If you like it message me for layout and pay the 1k :p
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  9. Can i have a Steve face with a beard bearing a suit
  10. Sure but i'm a bit backed up on orders right now so 1-2 days
  11. no problem i can wait
  12. Hey can I have a dragon??
  13. Im not really sure what to ask for. Could you kind of make a skin that just says "Kippy159"? A really unique kinda thing if you could. And if you can make it a skin that like literally no one else has, and its "my skin". Thanks alot.
    P.S. If its amazi ng ill pay 2k. :D
  14. Sorry for the long wait everyone i am very backed up! If you could pm me that would be better so i can get organized :p