[Selling] Unique skins!Want to brand new skin? That is completely unique?

Discussion in 'Marketplace Discussion' started by CaptainCastAway, Aug 13, 2013.

  1. I create skins that are completely unique! If someone puts in an order it will cost them 1k... All you have to do is pay and put in a request ("I want a robot skin!" "A lumberjack!" etc.) If you do not like the skin I will give half refund because the effort i put into it!

    Here's a skin I've made recently: Robot Skin.png
  2. Meh, I have also wanted my current skin to be HD.
    Do you think you can make do that?
  3. Well, I'd like a new skin, the one that Panda made me is really old! :p

    I'd like it to be like, a regular pig skin, but with overalls, and boots.
  4. Sure... I could give it a shot!
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  5. Sending 1k your way. ;)
  6. I'd like to see how brick's turns/ed out. If I like it, then you may have 1k coming your way