Selling Unbreaking III fortune II diamond pick

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  1. Item: Unbreaking III Fortune II diamond pickaxe
    Cost: 2k.
    Not a auction.

    Don't post unless you buying, my last threads have been spammed...
  2. Would you take rupees and items? Such as Diamonds and other rescources.
  3. i'm interested what do u offer?
  4. i could go to 7k
  5. ninga, i'll go 5k. I don't want to take all of your rupees...

    Sleepy, i'll let u know if i get another item soon :)
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  6. sure for 5k i will take it
  7. What server are you on?
  8. Ok
  9. i can't be on right now and how about make a chest in ur res (tell me the res number)
    or make a special room that only i could go in and i could buy it (make a buying chest)
  10. I do these sells by hand to ensure there is no problem buying them. Better by hand with no problems than maybe a store bug? Never now.

    That's why i took down my store, don't want to have a thing that can get messed up by bugs.
  11. Um fine i can't get on right now, but what server do u usually play on tell me, so when i get on i could go to that sever and get that pick if ur on
  12. I;m usually in smp8. Or gaining levels on utopia. I have in vault, so i can just go to ur server though
  13. oh did not read the post can i give u 2k please
    HOW dumb am i