[SELLING] Ultimate combat kit (Double chest)

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Should i do more sales like this?

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  1. I've made a combat kit using my left over potions, armor sets and enchanted weapons.

    The potions are the primary weapon. there's 4 of each and there's 6 types.

    Buying price: 1k rupees

    Types: (All splash) (PM me if u need help on how to use the potion's combos)
    healing II
    fire resistance

    Armor sets: (Not enchanted!)
    1x armor set of leather armor
    1x armor set of iron armor
    1x armor set of gold armor
    1x armor set of diamond armor

    Weapons (Handheld, not thrown) (Enchanted)
    2x diamond swords
    -#1: Bane of arthropods IV
    -#2: Sharpness II fire aspect I knockback I
    1x Bow
    -Infinity I punch II power IV

    3 stacks of bread
    1 stack of melon slices

    32 ender pearls (To teleport closer to a npc to get the kill)
    5x strength potions (splash)
    1x swiftness potion (splash)
    1xHealing potion (splash)
    1x fire resistance potion (splash)

  2. I don't believe this is allowed...
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  3. ^^^What he said. You can auction a dragon egg, one doublechest of one item, or a pure enchant pack.
  4. Yes, read the rules...
  5. Derp! This isnt even an auction!! Lol now i feel dumb!:p
  6. Umm guys I just realized he's selling it not auctioning it and ill buy it lol.
  7. Epic fail for all of us lol
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  8. it's a sale and go to smp8 16074 charip
  9. Ummm oh I can't get on now......
  10. and yes, epic fail on u all :3
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  11. k, go on smp8 whenever u are, i'l be on tomorrow.