[selling] two stacks of emrald ore

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  1. I am selling two stacks of emeralds for 3072r. Pickup is on smp3 lot 6187
  2. I will buy them! can i pick them up tomorrow?
  3. Ill make you a room with a chest
  4. Wait what?! Emerald ORE!?!?!?
  5. Its emeralds that you are buying not emerald ore you know that right
  6. Ya sorry put wrong title
  7. Oh ok for a sec I was like woah that's amazing.
  8. oh. I thought i was buying emerald ore. I will do math and calculate if I should still buy it.
    So its 24r a piece and that brings it to a yes.
    Also becareful when you title stuff.
  9. Yeah that was a bit deceptive...
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  10. Ya sorry, I had no intention of doing this. Before I had put the title, I was looking at a different thread with Emerald Ore. As I said before sorry for the deception, I did not do it intentionally.