[Selling] Turkey Slicers 12k Each!

Discussion in 'Marketplace Discussion' started by joshyrocks13, Feb 7, 2014.

  1. Hey EMC!

    Today I'm selling the Thanksgiving 2013 promo "Turkey Slicer".

    Stats: Unbreaking V Sharpness V Knockback II Fire Aspect II, 13.25+ damage. It is SoulBound and is final (cannot be customised or repaired.)

    Get in quick so you can get that perfect slice every time, they are being sold on smp4 8556 for 11k each!. Unfortunately the prices are not negotiable. I only have 8 in stock so be quick!

    Screen Shot 2014-02-08 at 12.53.41 am.png
  2. Bump! I believe only 7 are left!
  3. Price has been lowered to 11k!
  4. Bump Only 4 Left
  5. Do you have any left? I'll take one. Let me know.
  6. Unfortunately not sorry