[selling / trading] BigDavie head

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  1. Im not much of a collector of player heads and don't really have a place to show off one of our favorite staff's head so if someone else wants it for a collection or what not, let me know or just make an offer.
  2. um i will give u 1.1k.
  3. I believe it has been sold for 25k. :)
  4. :( I am sososososososososo poor...
  5. Look who's on top of things ;)
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  6. Or you can just do what my thing says v
  7. I need donations and money badly. :(
  8. Please don't ask for donations on my thread.
  9. Sorry for all the messages...
  10. This is not the time nor the place.
  11. I am not asking for donations.. I am just saying that for anyone who responds on this thread. (It goes to my shopping center)
  12. Fine fine fine fine fine fine..
  13. This is for BigDavie's head. It is sold. There is no need for further post.
  14. Yeah, totes not asking for donations. :rolleyes:
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  15. 2 haunted heads?
  16. soooo I get it for $5?
  17. haunted heads?
  18. If you guys read, that would be nice too. :)
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  19. :/ whoops i cannot read today
  20. It's cool. But next time just hold yourself back from the urge to post before reading. ;)