[SELLING]Tons of Rare Items and Promos!

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  1. Now that I have an idea of what these are worth, I am selling all of them! PM me with offers or bid on the auctions!

    • Dragon Stone x19
    • Dragon Stone Fragment x5
    • Cooked Turkey x90
    • 2013 4th of July Indpenedence Day Firework x1

    Note: All items have not been used/have no durability loss except the horses that have been opened.

    I am selling these mainly, but I am willing to trade for supporter vouchers :)
    If you PM me, please reply as soon as you can so I know who is interested in what promos. Don't abandon the messages without letting me know if you are interested or not. :)

    You can see the current chest of promos at /v 4075 promo on smp2 :)
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  2. Aikar Head Sold!
  3. If you don't mind, how much did you sell it for? I have one and I'm wondering how much it's worth :p
  4. i sold mine for 460k
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  5. How much for used incitacus
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  6. Sorry If I didn't make this clear. I am not willing to trade for anything, only selling for rupees.
  7. what's a Sharpshooter?

    Could you link the wiki page?
  8. its one of the new 100k member promos XD i wondered the same thing even though i bought a few
  9. The Sharpshooter is the 100k bow.
  10. How much for the used promo horses?
  11. Independence Day Armor Sold! Holiday Pick Up for Auction!