{ Selling } Tons of Promos.

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  1. 1 2014 Empire Firework: 20k

    2 independence day 2014 fireworks: 10k each

    2 Empire Assistant Compass's: 500r each

    1 Getting Starter & 1 Next Steps books by I_dontcarebear: 2k each

    14 taste the Freedom Steaks: 1k per piece

    Thank you book by KrysyyJane9191: 2k

    1 Second Chance book by EmpireMinecraft: 5k

    1 Starter Set: 6k
    • Unbreaking 3 Soulbound Armor Set
    1 Voters Bow: 10k
    Meteors Bow(used twice): 10k
  2. I will buy the Book by Krysyy and the Second Chance, and i have paid,
  3. I would like the voter bow pls
  4. I'd also like the voters bow...
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.